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Using Personal Information
Click N Take collects and uses personal information viz. name, correspondence address, contact information including phone and email id - to record online service requests on our own records and to provide for the requisitioned services. We may also use the information you supply to: make easier for you to use by not having to enter information more than once, help us customize content most relevant to you, notify you about important news concerning Click N Take (including new offers and services, service updates and technical support issues), and special offers we think might interest you.

To maintain and administer, we track site usage through Web server logs. Our Web server logs record information such as what types of browsers are accessing our site, which pages receive high traffic, and the times of day our servers experience significant load. This information is used solely to improve the content and navigation features of our site. It is not used to personally identify you. The personal information you provide to Click N Take also allows us to determine if you are an authorized user of one or more of our services, for which you or your organization has paid a fee.

Sharing Personal Information

Protecting your personal information is important. Click N Take will not sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information to others. The information on record is only editable by the user of the account - post log in - and is restricted / limited to access for only select top management / leadership of Click N Take | Corp Scan Group from security perespective and for strategic reasons.

Onward Transfers and Disclosures of Personal Information; Collection of Personal Information by Clients.

CnT shall not transfer or disclose Personal Information to any third party without the prior written consent of the data subject, except as follows:

  1. As required pursuant to Applicable Laws and Codes; or a valid court or governmental order or subpoena.
  2. To protect the safety of an individual or to protect CnT's rights and/or property.
  3. Between various Panels if an individual signs up for more than one Panel.
  4. To a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of CnT: (1) in the event of a reorganization or restructuring, or (2) for use and processing in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as authorized by you.
  5. To authorized agents, consultants, vendors, and subcontractors of CnT, and/or of CnT's clients, who are providing services to CnT and/or CnT's client, including, without limitation, data append services, data validation services, and incentive fulfillment and sweepstakes related services (individually a Subcontractor and collectively the Subcontractors). Prior to disclosing Personal Information to a Subcontractor, CnT requires the Subcontractor to enter into a written agreement restricting the Subcontractor's use of Personal Information for only the purpose of providing services to CnT and/or CnT's client and requiring the Subcontractor to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information.
  6. To a client for limited market research related uses including modeling, Survey validation, data append, or database segmentation. Prior to disclosing Personal Information to a client, CnT requires the client to enter into a written agreement restricting the client's use of Personal Information for only a market research related use and requiring the client to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information.
  7. In connection with a change of ownership or control, including, without limitation, a merger or an acquisition of any or all of CnT's business assets (Business Transaction). In the event of a Business Transaction, which includes the transfer of Personal Information, CnT shall require the other party (e.g. the surviving or resulting entity in a merger, or the acquiring entity in an acquisition) to agree in writing to use, protect, and maintain the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the transferred Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  8. As otherwise permitted pursuant to this Privacy Policy or as otherwise authorized by you.

CnT may allow a client to collect Personal Information from Survey respondents; however, disclosure of Personal Information by respondents is strictly voluntary and, prior to the collection of Personal Information by the client, CnT requires the client to enter into a written agreement restricting the client's use of Personal Information for only a market research related use and requiring the client to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Information.


Usage Tracking

We may track usage information within our products based upon the number of Industry Profiles and/or types of Industry Profiles or other Click N Take services that are accessed by an individual User. We do this to monitor authorized usage of our services and to improve the design and functionality of our services.

Cookies; Online Ad Exposure Programs; Log Files; Clear GIFS.
  1. Cookies.
    1. CnT Cookies. Cookies are small text files or other forms of data which are stored on a computer by a website that assign a numerical user ID and stores certain information about the internet browsing activity of the user of a computer. CnT uses session and persistent cookies to make it easier for you to navigate CnT's websites, to provide a better experience for Survey participants, and for quality control and validation purposes. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer, indefinitely, until deleted. Personal Information is not stored or collected in the cookies used by CnT. You may disable and/or delete cookies via your browser and/or plug-in settings; however, this may: (1) decrease the functionality of the websites you visit; (2) limit your ability to use and view CnT's web sites; and (3) limit your participation in Surveys.
    2. Third Party Cookies. The use of cookies by CnT's affiliates, partners, Subcontractors, and/or clients is not covered by this Privacy Policy. CnT does not have control over the policies and practices of such parties.
  2. Online Ad Exposure Programs. CnT may send you Surveys related to advertisements you see online. The intent is to help advertisers understand what their ads communicate to internet users. Online ad exposure programs include: (i) a locally stored object (LSO), which can identify tags contained in on-line advertisements, being dropped onto a person's Web browser; (ii) when the person views a Web page containing an online ad that has been tagged, the tag reads the LSO and provides CnT's client with a unique identification number that does not personally identify the person; and (iii) CnT's client supplies CnT with the identification number and requests that CnT provide the person associated with, or connected to, the identification number, a Survey related to the advertisement. Certain Web pages or Web-based advertisements that you view may be tracked by CnT's client and/or its subcontractors or vendors and in connection with the tracking certain tracking data may be collected by CnT's client and/or its subcontractors or vendors. No Personal Information should be collected in connection with online ad exposure programs. By agreeing to or accepting this Privacy Policy, you hereby agree to participate in CnT's online ad exposure programs. Panel members may opt-out of participating in online ad exposure programs and the LSOs by going to My Account in the members' area of the applicable Panel website and changing the setting called Survey for online ad exposure. Opting-out of online ad exposure programs will not delete any LSOs currently stored in your Web browser; LSOs must be deleted through your Web browser. Opting-out of CnT's online ad exposure program will only apply to CnT's program and will not affect or restrict third parties from deploying LSOs or similar technology onto your Web browser or remove you from participation in online ad exposure or tracking programs. Participation is strictly voluntary and subject to the individual consenting to participate in the online tracking program. CnT is not responsible for third party applications, technologies, or tracking cookies or for the information or data collected or used in connection with the applications, technologies, or cookies. If you need assistance, have any questions, or wish to opt-out of participation in CnT's Online Ad Exposure Programs, please contact us at with the following subject line: Online Ad Exposure Program. Additionally, a Panel member can opt-out of CnT's Online Ad Effectiveness Programs by opting-out through the preference/settings section for the Panel member's account.
  3. Log Files. CnT's websites automatically gather certain information and store this information in log files. This gathered information includes data available from a user's web browser, including, without limitation, IP Address, browser type, internet service provider, referring/exiting pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and click stream data.
  4. Clear GIFs. Clear GIFs are embedded invisibly on Web pages and are about the size of the period at the end of a sentence. CnT may permit certain third party suppliers to set clear GIFs on the Panel referrals obtained through their websites. In addition, we may use clear GIFs in our HTML-based e-mails to let us know which e-mails recipients have opened. These GIFs allow us to gauge the effectiveness of certain communications, panel recruitment efforts and the effectiveness of our panelist outreach campaigns. No personal information is contained in clear GIFs.



By using and by signing up for Click N Take's services; you consent to the collection and use of the previously mentioned information by Click N Take. This privacy policy is subject to change. To stay up-to-date with our policies, please check this page frequently. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this policy at any time.


Should you have a concern about Click N Take’s collection or use of your personal information, please contact us at  addressing to the Chief Operating Officer, Click N Take.